Reuse - Recycle

PGS is working with local communities and putting used computer technology to good use in Brazil.

When we upgraded our computer resources in Rio de Janeiro a few years back, we created a partnership with a public university to improve information technology systems in their data center, their social services department and at a local community center.

The processing of geophysical data is computer intensive and requires the best and latest technology to keep up with demand for quality data, delivered as fast as possible. We renew our computer resources regularly to meet the needs of our business and our customers. When we upgrade, we pass on the benefits of this investment to others. Our old equipment is way beyond what is available to thousands of students in Rio de Janeiro. That is why in 2011 we set up a partnership with a local university and decided to give our old computers to the community.

The Catholic University of Rio de Janeiro is a non-profit organization providing scholarships to around 4 000 students from disadvantaged communities. Thanks to our equipment, the university has been able to invest its own funds in new infrastructure to increase capacity and offer better services to students across many departments.