PGS sponsors a number of initiatives in communities where we operate. Education is one of the areas we focus on, through a multi-year commitment to the Norwegian Academy of Science & Literature (DNVA).

Mathematics provides the fundamental building blocks of modern society. It is in the DNA of everything that currently surrounds us, and it can help us to find new solutions in the future.

For PGS, mathematics provides a toolbox that we use when we acquire and analyze enormous quantities of information, to construct vast, detailed, three-dimensional images of the subsurface of the earth. These 3D data maps cover thousands of square kilometers and illuminate down to ten kilometers below the surface.

Every day we record and process data from over a million recording devices, that are towed behind a fleet of highly efficient, specially designed ships that operate worldwide. It all comes down to numbers and math. Applying mathematics, physics, and geophysics, we have become one of the world’s leading seismic companies. And it is through our unceasing drive to explore the possibilities that mathematical sciences provide that we build value for our customers.

In the future, our innovative engineers and geoscientists will provide new answers derived from mathematical principles to allow PGS to resolve future challenges.


Historically many technical challenges have been overcome by use of mathematics. We do not know what the future will bring but we are certain that math will play a key role in finding new and better solutions, both big and small.

Norway needs more math, engineering and science graduates. Their minds will be trained to apply a mathematical approach to problems, to analyze and produce solutions to realize tomorrow’s opportunities, whether those be in biotechnology, medicine, oil and gas, or alternative forms of energy. PGS wants to set a spotlight on them so that more young people will be inspired to study and work with numerical sciences.

Without a stream of new talent, we will lose our ability to compete. That is why PGS is working to encourage new math talent and that is why the Niels Henrik Abel’s Mathematics Competition is important – because it inspires young people and demonstrates that these skills and knowledge are important for Norway, for industry and for PGS.

PGS is proud to be the main sponsor of Niels Henrik Abel’s Mathematics Competition, also known as Abelkonkurransen, Norway’s biggest mathematics competition for high school students. We have been sponsoring this and other initiatives run by the Norwegian Academy of Science and Letters since 2011.