The Jetty at Thandwe

Thandwe is an ancient seaport in Rakhine State, the westernmost part of Myanmar. To resolve a safety issue affecting an acquisition project, we upgraded the local infrastructure to the benefit of everyone.

Our support vessel in Myanmar is used to transport crew to and from shore. The final stretch is shallow, and we use a workboat to get alongside the jetty. The jetty at Thandwe is congested by local fishing vessels and was not up to PGS safety standards.

Initially, our shore supervisors made some minor structural changes, which proved very popular in the local community. Then we arranged to build an entirely new jetty.

The result significantly improves safety for all users. The new jetty was built by hand, by local workers, using boulders and concrete; construction work was limited to three to four hours a day, due to tides. PGS provided raw materials and personal protective equipment, with the support of our oil company clients.

The new jetty at Thandwe will benefit the local community for many years to come, for fishing and transport, as well as any future offshore operations.