A Supplier Perspective - example

PGS has been a major client of Sanco Shipping AS for a number of years. Sanco supplies PGS with seismic vessels, maritime crew and support boats. Their HSEQ Manager Lars Lødøen thinks clear values and open dialog make it easier to do a good job.

As HSEQ Manager it is Lars' job to ensure Sanco meets the safety and quality standards demanded by their clients. This depends on close working relationships between Sanco’s maritime crew and the client’s seismic crew to ensure safe, smooth operations. Clear communication and understanding of company and client policy and procedures are vital.

"As a client, PGS stands out for being very clear about what it expects while having a strong culture of open dialog with suppliers to constantly improve standards," says Lars. A good example of this was in 2013 when Sanco managers were invited by PGS to a two-day HSEQ supplier forum in Oslo. We spent a day in conference discussing business and policy issues, followed by a day at the PGS headquarters looking at emergency response. The event was very useful for sharing information and relationship building. I think it is a very good initiative, and I very much hope PGS and others might repeat it in the future.”

A similar event was held in 2015 when PGS took two new Sanco seismic vessels on charter, with a focus on preparing management and crew to participate in PGS' One Culture approach to seismic operations.