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  • Revealing new opportunities with a cost-effective towed-streamer MAZ solution in the South Viking Graben, Norway

    Author: Julien Oukili, Luca Limonta, Martin Bubner, Eric Mueller, Terje Kultom Karlsen
    First Break - 4 November 2020

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    The authors provide a fresh look at a new MAZ streamer concept that challenges existing multi-azimuth solutions, including OBS surveys, as it delivers a higher-quality dataset at a fraction of the cost and reduced environmental impact.

  • GeoStreamer X Viking Graben Delivers Game Changing Results

    Author: Julien Oukili, Eric Mueller, Ruben Janssen
    GEO - 1 October 2020

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    Full integrity PSDM data from the 2019 PGS GEoStreamer X acquisition program in the Lille Prinsen area of the Viking Graben is now available. It delivers on all its promises to provide the highest quality seismic imaging and attributes available today.

  • GeoStreamer X in the Viking Graben Illuminates Complex Targets

    Author: Kai Fløistad, Julien Oukili
    GeoExpro - 8 June 2020

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    To meet the industry demand for improved subsurface insight at a reduced cost and with faster turnaround time than ocean bottom surveys, PGS deployed a pioneering acquisition configuration in the Viking Graben in the autumn of 2019. Three months after the last shot on the GeoStreamer X survey in the Viking Graben, the early-out multi-azimuth (MAZ) PSDM seismic stack was delivered to pre-funders. From an interpreter’s point of view the results are stunning, and what started as a novel concept now provides new insight to geoscience teams in near-field exploration, appraisal and development.

    There are many targets in the area, ranging from Eocene sand injectites to fractured basement, and an approach integrating survey design, imaging solutions and quantitative interpretation has enabled a significant improvement in the resolution of these reservoirs. The main imaging challenges are the large shallow channels and massive sand mounds in the Miocene as these introduce shadow zones beneath them. Eocene cemented sand injectites, called V-brights, have anomalously high velocities which historically have been very difficult to estimate. Deeper, a thin, rugose Cretaceous chalk layer causes multiples and dispersion of the seismic energy.

  • Fast Delivery of GeoStreamer X Multi-Azimuth Data

    Author: Julien Oukili, Kai Fløistad
    GEO - 1 March 2020

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    GeoStreamer X represents a faster and more efficient method to improve illumination
    of complex targets.

  • GeoStreamer X Pilot Successful - So What's Next

    Author: Martin Widmaier
    GEO - 19 December 2019

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    Completion of the GeoStreamer X pilot survey proves that PGS’ novel marine seismic strategy for upgraded acquisition in any geological regime is practical, efficient and within reach. The first GeoStreamer X data is scheduled before next Easter. Planning has begun for 2020 projects.

  • Introducing the X factor

    Author: Halfdan Carstens
    GEO - 1 October 2019

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    With the introduction of GeoStreamer X, PGS challenges ocean bottom surveying with rapid turnaround time and substantially lower cost.