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Hive of Activity in Côte d’Ivoire

There has been a lot of inspiring activity in Côte d’Ivoire since the launch of the ongoing License Round in 2017, and some significant additions to our MultiClient data library.

wave imagewave image

In 2018, Ramform Titan acquired 8 000 sq. km of new GeoStreamer data in both the deepwater and shallow shelf areas, providing data to meet exploration requirements for the round and expand the MultiClient library. New surveys have been acquired over blocks CI-101, CI-205 and CI-706.

A highlight of 2018 acquisition is the CDI Blk 706 survey, which is a combination of new broadband acquisition and reprocessing using modern data rejuvenation workflows. The latest 3D GeoStreamer data will deliver high-quality, multi-azimuth illumination over open block CI-706 to unlock its remaining hydrocarbon potential.

PGS has also started working on a new Côte d’Ivoire MegaSurvey to enable the evaluation of the Western Ivorian basin in a regional 3D context. MegaSurvey provides an excellent overview of all play types with recent exploration activity encouraging further exploration in the basin. Recent success has derisked syn-rift/transform structures and Late Cretaceous channel and fan systems from shallow shelf to slope and deep water.

New MultiClient dataset CDI Blk 706 and CDI MegaSurvey coverage New MultiClient dataset CDI Blk 706 and CDI MegaSurvey coverage

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