Brazil Campos Basin

Campos Basin has a long history of proven success and offers a variety of opportunities for future exploration. The PGS library provides great coverage for the Permanent Offer Concession and Sharing rounds.

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Presalt blocks, like Turmalina, will be available in future Permanent Offer Sharing Rounds. Outside the presalt polygon, frontier areas will be available in upcoming Permanent Offer Concession Rounds.

PGS’ Campos Deepwater program consists of 9 000 sq. km of east-west azimuth reprocessing, 15 600 sq. km of new GeoStreamer north-south azimuth acquisition, 8 200 sq. km of GeoStreamer X data, and 41 000 sq. km of new and reprocessed gravity and magnetic data.

Campos Deepwater GeoStreamer X is the single largest multi-azimuth survey in the Campos Basin. The coverage provides improved illumination and a more complete image of the subsurface. An FWI workflow takes advantage of the 10 km offsets of the GeoStreamer north-south dataset and the multi-azimuth sampling. This provides a higher-resolution model with better resolution of individual layers.

The KPSDM and RTM products supply a high-resolution image, mostly in the post-salt section, and the RTM provides an enhanced image, particularly around and immediately below the complex salt and carbonate bodies. The GeoStreamer X products deliver superior results by combining the preferential imaging from each individual azimuth into a single robust image.

This new acquisition and imaging has revealed new prospectivity in these regions and has motivated PGS to nominate brand new blocks in the area (Onix, Citrino, and Larimar), which will be available in future Permanent Offer Sharing Rounds. These exciting new areas give oil companies who operate in the presalt more options for exploration in an area where blocks are becoming scarcer.