Recent discoveries offshore Namibia have invigorated exploration interest on both sides of the Atlantic. Successes offshore Namibia support the potential for viable analogs on the South American side of the conjugate margin where the depositional systems are similar.

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Access to new acreage, transparent fiscal terms, and a predictable land-sale policy make Uruguay an attractive region for oil and gas exploration.

The under-explored Punta del Este and Pelotas basins in Uruguay exhibit many of the same petroleum system features as the discoveries in Namibia. As a result, the most recent license round in Uruguay had significant interest from international oil companies. The PGS data library in Uruguay covers both held acreage and the remaining open license blocks.

PGS has long-standing experience in Uruguay, acquiring the first 3D GeoStreamer MultiClient data in Uruguay in 2012 and providing a unique understanding of the prospectivity across the basins. More recently, a large reprocessing project was conducted extending from the Pelotas to the Punta del Este basin and covering open acreage included for the license round held in November 2022.

Our data library in Uruguay comprises over 15 600 sq. km of 3D data and 11 500 km of 2D data. The seismic data has been used to generate quantitative interpretation products that further identify and derisk exploration targets. These QI products are available with our MultiClient data bundle.