Norwegian Sea

The Norwegian Sea continues to prove itself as a world-class petroleum province. According to the NPD, production is expected to increase up to 2024. This is a key exploration hub.

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The first 3D GeoStreamer survey was acquired in the Halten Terrace area of the Norwegian Sea in 2011 and after many more acquisitions and data rejuvenations, PGS is able to offer customers 48 000 sq. km of high-end broadband seismic.

Seven of the 13 discoveries made in Norway in 2020 were covered by GeoStreamer data, showing the interdependency of exploration with advanced acquisition and high-end imaging solutions.

PGS has brought GeoStreamer X technology to the Norwegian Sea with 7 000 sq. km acquired in 2022 and a further 12 500 sq. km coming in 2023 and 2024. This is to meet the geophysical challenges in imaging both the deep and shallow, complex targets in the region. An improved understanding of complex structures will allow operators to make better-informed decisions on prospect ranking and development strategy.

PGS offers three data library products in the area, the new Norwegian Sea MegaSurvey for large-scale screening, lead and prospect evaluation, GeoStreamer PURE includes over 30 000 sq. km across a prolific fairway, and now GeoStreamer X for targeted ILX and appraisal.