Optimized signal processing workflows for subsurface imaging & characterization.

wave imagewave image
  • Multisensor and single-sensor designature and deghosting workflows
  • Robust deblending and wavefield separation
  • Comprehensive 3D prestack demultiple for any range of water depths and acquisition geometry
  • Reconstruct 3D prestack data to user-specified locations using the exact locations of the input data

Flexible signal processing solutions are critical to prepare for broadband subsurface imaging and characterization. The data may be acquired by towed streamers, ocean bottom sensors or permanent reservoir monitoring installations, with datasets derived from different vintages.

PGS global experts and cloud computing resources ensure the bespoke requirements of each project are met. All prestack data available for velocity model building and imaging has been regularized and subjected to amplitude-preserving noise removal across a broadband frequency spectrum.

Wavefield Separation

This workflow is a critical step in broadband seismic imaging. Sea-surface ghost reflections can be isolated and removed or the separated data can be used to improve the resolution of the shallow subsurface.


Robust 3D multiple removal for all water depths and all acquisition geometries based on two complementary methodologies.

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