Repeatable Acquisition

The combination of multisensor GeoStreamer and source steering offers the best platform for 4D repeatability.

wave imagewave image
  • Variable sea-state effects or variable receiver depths have no influence on GeoStreamer 4D repeatability
  • Systems to precisely steer and know the position of all sources and receivers during 4D survey matching
  • Broadband signals with dense wavefield sampling provide the highest detectability of subtle subsurface property changes

GeoStreamer offers the most repeatable towed-streamer 4D platform for monitoring reservoir production and CCS storage. PGS can also offer P-Cable UHR acquisition or hybrid GeoStreamer-OBN 4D acquisition.

4D Survey Design

The earth, the acquisition geometry, the environmental and operating conditions, and the processing and imaging workflow, all contribute to the success of the project and the final seismic results.

Maximum Repeatability with Denser Receivers

Tailoring acquisition geometries makes it easier to solve imaging challenges. From single sail line to full-azimuth coverage, illumination and data quality increase with the amount and diversity of data acquired. Geophysical objectives and project economics determine the right acquisition and imaging solution.

Controlling Receiver & Source Locations

Independent steering of all sources and receivers to designated positions.

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