Creating The Premier Energy Data Company

PGS and TGS have merged to form a pioneering data and services company in the energy sector, serving customers across the energy value chain and positioning itself as a strategic partner for energy companies. Explore our vision. 



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Creating a sustainable future-proof data ecosystem

Erik Ewig, our SVP for Technology and Digitalization, speaks about how innovation drives PGS.


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Digital Transformation

Revolutionizing the flow of seismic data from sensor to customer

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Building a Platform for the Future

PGS has transformed into a cloud-native, data driven energy company by adopting technology to revolutionize and accelerate the flow of seismic data from sensor to customer

Optimizing the Flow of Data

Traditional Data Flow

A traditional data flow contains many data duplications and physical data handover points resulting in increased risk, multiple sources of truth, and time delays.

The benefits of the PGS optimized data flow include, superior security and reduction of risk, flexibility to scale with limitless compute, swift customer access to merged meta and seismic data, and a reduced environmental footprint. 

Optimized Data Flow

The PGS optimized data flow transfers the subsurface information as soon as possible via satellite into the cloud for QC, processing and final delivery.

Sensor to Cloud

Accelerating Seismic Data Transfer from Sensor to Cloud

By leveraging cutting-edge satellite technology we have eliminated the need for physical data transfer and can reduce latency and increase bandwidth leading to faster decision making.

Contact Cerys

Find out more about how we are using cutting-edge satellite technology to improve data transfer rates.

Cerys JamesVice President Transformation & Change

Processing in the Cloud

A New Dawn for Handling Huge Imaging Workloads

Turnaround time is improved from weeks to hours in extreme cases, by tailoring compute for each large run, enjoying virtually unlimited capacity to run jobs at scale and in parallel, and leveraging the latest software and hardware stack.

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Find out more about how processing in the cloud has improved scalability, flexibility, and turnaround time.

Andy WardillQuality & Digitalization Manager

Storage and Accelerated Access

Fast and secure cloud-based access to subsurface data.

Direct access to quality-controlled, contextualized data in the cloud at scale and with flexible storage, retrieval, and sharing options. This enables more rapid and informed exploration and development decisions.

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Find out more about how our state-of-the-art cloud-based solution can help you with storage, retrieval, and seismic data sharing.

Coles WilkinsonHead of Digital Sales

IT Enables Security and Confidence

IT has been the enabler for this transformation journey, deploying, operating, and maintaining a comprehensive IT platform that serves the entire organization.

Take part in our success

Cerys James, Vice President Transformation & Change explains how the PGS digitalization journey can help shape the path to yours.

Five Ways PGS Delivered Digital Transformation in the Seismic Industry

  1. 1Digitalization as a strategic imperative: PGS leadership made digital transformation a top priority, aligning everyone behind this goal.
  2. 2We stopped buying on-prem compute: We continue to decommission our HPC on-prem equipment as we move to a fully cloud-based processing environment.
  3. 3Leveraging cutting-edge satellite capabilities: We invested in high-speed ship to shore connectivity to shorten data turnaround time, increase bandwidth and reduce operational costs.
  4. 4Liberated seismic data: Our data library is accessible via the PGS On Demand cloud services for customer efficiency and convenience.
  5. 5Offer a more sustainable solution: Our preferred cloud provider runs on almost 100% renewable energy.