PGS Access

High-quality regional 2D seismic data with a geological focus delivered in a desktop application. Important regional horizons are interpreted, then calibrated to key wells and discoveries. Each dataset consists of a regional grid of long-offset seismic lines, in many cases reprocessed to depth. 

wave imagewave image

Get a head start on your area of interest with PGS Access. Each integrated study provides a comprehensive overview of prospectivity, and may include integrated gravity and magnetic data*. The workstation-ready data sets may also encompass other facets of reservoir understanding, such as rock physics and quantitative reservoir interpretation, to further your understanding of hydrocarbon potential. 

  • Workstation-ready seismic data
  • Interpreted geoseismic profiles (tied to well data*)
  • Review of hydrocarbon potential
  • Gravity and magnetic interpretation
  • Basin modeling of key lines*
  • AVO/inversion products*

This cost-effective starting point for basin-screening before license acquisition also adds regional context for existing fields and discoveries in the area.

Regional availability

PGS Access studies are currently available for West Africa and the Northwest Shelf of Australia.

*Dependent on availability of relevant data