PGS experts support licensing and exploration, appraisal, development, production and carbon storage. Our characterization and QI workflows derive fluid distribution and lithology to the highest accuracy in 3D and 4D. 

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  • Rigorous stochastic rock physics analysis lays the foundation for seismic inversion and quantitative interpretation studies that are informed and accurate
  • Interactive rockAVO modeling software enables browser-based access to hundreds of wells in MultiClient atlases for derisking and hydrocarbon assessment
  • Robust data conditioning and model building rely on PGS advanced processing and imaging tools
  • The PGS workflow for optimal wavelet extraction and pre-stack simultaneous AVA inversion has been proven with broadband QI for 3D, 4D and CCS
  • Reservoir parameters and their uncertainties are determined by Bayesian seismic inversion, applicable to both 3D and 4D datasets

PGS is a trusted partner for many governments and national oil companies, managing exploration license rounds both offshore and onshore. Our extensive experience encompasses the definition of blocks, promotion of the round, and assistance in bid preparation. PGS has provided license round support to Cambodia, Greece, Lebanon, Cote d'Ivoire, Angola, and the Republic of Congo.

To maximize the value of subsurface assets it is essential to integrate geological, geophysical, and petrophysical information. This applies to all stages from licensing and exploration through to appraisal, development, production, and carbon reinjection.

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