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Stian Hegna | eSeismic Results from a Shallow Water Field Test

10 December | Session: Seismic Acquisition - Sources and Receivers | 14:00 - 15:00 (CET), 7th speaker. Continuous wavefields method - results from a shallow water field test

wave imagewave image

Authors: Stian Hegna, Tilman Klűver, Jostein Lima (PGS). Click the image below for the abstract.

Stian Hegna shares results of a field test using eSeismic in offshore Malaysia with two main objectives: 1. Test new gun controller functionality allowing for operating a larger number of sources operating simultaneously, and 2. Validate the method in shallow water settings. The continuous triggering of individual air gun elements with short and random time intervals results in low correlation between wavefields emitted from multiple simultaneous sources because each source emits a unique wavefield. This makes the method suitable for simultaneous source applications where many sources are operated simultaneously.

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