Our objective is to provide the participants a very accessible overview of the many concepts behind the broadband seismic (primarily offshore) and their implications for the reservoir-focused asset-based geoscientist. This will be done through the use of a comprehensive set of case study material from regions all over the world and for various stages of the exploration, appraisal and development asset life cycle.

We will discuss objectively the various broadband seismic technologies and commercial offerings currently available and their respective merits with regards to quantitative reservoir characterization and reservoir imaging. Examples used will come from real world applications. The course will further attempt to identify possible pitfalls and issues with regards to the treatment of broadband data that might lead to flawed or erroneous QI.

Title Presenter Date                Start              Duration       

The Benefit of Broadband Technology
for Reservoir Characterization and Imaging the End-user Value

Dr. Cyrille Reiser
Reservoir Characterization Director                       

23 Nov 2016                 08:30 am             full day         

For more information and detailed descriptions of the short course please refer to the conference program.


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Contact: reservoir.info@pgs.com

Location:  Moscow, Russia

Venue: Holiday Inn Sokolniki

About the event: From 21 to 25 November 2016 EAGE is organizing for the 8th time its Education Days event in Moscow, Russia. A variety of one- and two-day short courses will cover most recent specific knowledge in geophysics, geology and related engineering areas by acknowledged industry leaders and experts.

The courses cover such topics as Natural Fracture Systems and Fractured Hydrocarbon Accumulations, Seismic Multiple Removal Techniques: Past, Present and Future, The Benefit of Broadband Technology for Reservoir Characterization and Imaging, More from Seismic - a Workshop on Seismic Stratigraphic Techniques, Seismic Imaging and Velocity Model Building.