Chief Geophysicist Martin Widmaier Presents

Martin Widmaier presents an innovative multi-azimuth towed high-density multisensor streamer survey design that uses wide-tow multi-sources to improve near offset sampling, variable streamer lengths to enable deep velocity model updates with FWI, and multi-azimuth shooting to optimize target illumination at a much lower cost than OBN acquisition.

Survey data from the Viking Graben in the North Sea are systematically analyzed in the context of the survey design ambitions.

The presentation also addresses tailor-made solutions for shallow exploration targets. Case study examples with wide-tow triple source and wide-tow penta source configurations from very recent surveys in the Barents Sea will be shown. Last but not least, novel towed streamer survey designs for deep water and deep exploration targets (e.g., pre-salt Brazil) are discussed.


Martin Widmaier started his career with PGS in 1996 after obtaining his PhD in Geophysics from the Institute of Technology at the University of Karlsruhe, Germany. Since then he has served in many roles in PGS R&D, including Department Manager and Vice President of R&D. In 2013 he became the Chief Geophysicist for PGS MultiClient. He is currently the Chief Geophysicist for PGS Sales & Services.

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Event Summary

Event: PESGB Geophysics SIG Meeting – January

Date: 26 January 2021

Time: 12 pm - 1 pm (GMT)

Location: Online