PGS data and ideas form the foundation of several technical papers at the NPF conference:

  • 4D Reservoir Monitoring on the Bøyla Field using Full Broadband Acquisition and Processing Solutions
    - Julien Oukili, Geophysical Support Manager, PGS

  • Exploration Across Critical Angle
    - Espen H Nilsen, Senior Geophysicist, Lundin (in collaboration with PGS)

  • Marine Seismic Source Directions in a World Increasingly Driven by Lower Cost, Lower Environmental Impact, and Higher Data Value
    - Andrew Long, Chief Scientist & Technology Analyst, PGS

  • Solving Imaging Challenges in a Deep-water, Complex Ooze Regime - A Case Study from the Outer Vøring Area
    - Sören Naumann, Staff Geophysicist, PGS


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Location: Oslo, Norway

Venue: Quality Hotel Expo

Snarøyveien 20, NO-1324 Lysaker, Norway


About the conference

The Norwegian Petroleum Society is a three-day geophysical seminar, this time at Fornebu, just outside Oslo center. The biennial seminar has become popular and recognized throughout the petroleum industry. The themes of these seminars highlight recent achievements, changes and new developments in geophysical techniques relevant to the petroleum industry.