At PGS, we strive to enhance our understanding of the marine subsurface to meet the ever-changing energy demands. Our goal is to work together towards a secure and sustainable energy future. As a proud sponsor of SBGf Solutions to Energy and Sustainability, we are excited to have our experts present to discuss how PGS can provide solutions for both hydrocarbon and new energy ventures offshore North and South America.

  • MultiClient data library
  • Imaging and data rejuvenation
  • License round support
  • Acquisition technologies
  • Reliable offshore operations

Find our full presentation schedule below. 

Tuesday 17 October 

09:20 | Leblon Room | Stian Hegna | The Acoustic Wavefield Generated by a Vessel

10:00 | Recreio Room | Jaime Ramos Martinez | Visco-acoustic FWI for Q Model Building

14:25 | Leblon Room | Martin Widmaier | Advanced 3D Seismic Acquisition Solutions
for Hydrocarbon Exploration, CCS Development, and Windfarm Site Surveys

15:55 | Recreio Room | Nizar Chemingui | Simultaneous Inversion of Velocity and Pre-Stack Reflectivity with Gather Output  

Thursday 19 October 

14:50 | Urca Room | Jon Burren | High-end Imaging of Legacy Data Integrated with New Acquisition: A Campos Basin Study


Event Summary 

Organizer: SBGf 

Dates: 16 - 19 October 

Location: Rio de Janeiro 

Event Website: Click here