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Monday at SEG 2019

Technical papers and presentations by PGS experts at SEG Annual Meeting 2019.

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Oral Presentations

How to combine single hydrophone streamers with multi-component streamers in a 4D context: An offshore West Africa case study 
by D. Lecerf, A. Oates, R. Brown, E. Polyaeva, F. Portaluri, C. Reiser, D. Raistrick, A. Betteridge, J. Kumar (PGS), B. Webb, M. Bertarini, C. Rizzetto, N. Colombi, V. Milluzzo, M. Marchesini, A. Cimitan, and I. Franco (Eni)
Session: TL 1 – Acquisition and Processing | Room 225B
Time: 2.40 PM

Results from a 3D field trial with a seismic acquisition and processing method based on continuous wavefields 
by T. Kluver, S. Hegna, and J. Lima
Session: SS 1 – Recent Advances and the Road Ahead | Room 301B
Time: 3:05 PM

Amplitude enhancement of RTM angle gathers with deconvolution
by S. Crawley, F. Liu, E. Klochikhina, N. Chemingui, and D. Whitmore 
Session: SPMI 1 – Enhancement of RTM and its Applications 1 | Room 214C
Time: 3:30 PM


Lunch and Learn

12:20 | Intelligent source and receiver towing to solve every geological challenge: Nearer, longer, wider and denser | Martin Widmaier, PGS

11:30 | Offshore East Canada | Richard Wright (Exploration Manager, Nalcor Oil & Gas) and John Bain (President, Bain Geophysical)