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Final PGS Moray Firth PSTM Data Now Available

wave imagewave image
The latest prestack time-migrated 3D GeoStreamer data is now available for the UK Moray Firth. The fresh data delivers a significant broadband uplift for a better understanding of the area's potential and the plays.

The high-resolution PSTM processing results based on broadband data display excellent imaging from shallow to deep. In particular, structural imaging has improved understanding of the trapping mechanisms.

This area has considerable exploration potential and possible plays that vary from a fractured basement to shallower Cretaceous targets.

PGS MultiClient data covers a large swathe of the prolific Moray Firth-Orcadian Basin area, with primary targets in the proven Upper Jurassic and Lower Cretaceous plays.

Prepared for UK OGA Rounds

Three 3D GeoStreamer surveys, covering 7 650 sq. km of the Moray Firth area of the North Sea were acquired in 2018. Acreage covered by these datasets is relevant for recent licensing awards, plus ongoing and upcoming UK OGA rounds (30th, 31st, and 32nd).

Deep structures are revealed in this data, as the complex shallow overburden has been successfully resolved despite the shallow water environment. Derisking is now feasible for shallow Paleocene targets, including injectites and pre-chalk prospects in the Jurassic. Imaging of the Upper Jurassic reservoir level has improved significantly, compared to legacy conventional seismic data

Imaging all Recorded Wavefields

PGS has applied a Complete Wavefield Imaging (CWI) workflow to solve the shallows and reveal the deep. CWI utilizes GeoStreamer multisensor technology to process and image all recorded wavefields. The technology utilizes reflections, refractions (FWI) and multiples (SWIM) to produce accurate velocity models through full integrity imaging.

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Location of Moray Firth surveys
PGS recently acquired three Moray Firth surveys, PSTM data is now available on the coverage area marked in orange


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