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New Regional Depth Reprocessing of Offshore Congo Coastal Basin from PGS & SNPC

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PGS, in partnership with SNPC, announce the launch of Congo MegaSurveyPlus, a large, new, regional 3D depth reprocessed dataset covering over 5 000 sq. km, of the Congo Shelf. This data will support the forthcoming shallow-water phase of the Republic of Congo license round in the Offshore Congo Coastal Basin.

The Congo Shelf, also known as the Peu Profonde area, presents explorers with ample opportunities to exploit pre-salt plays and rift structures in prolific shallow-water acreage, close to existing infrastructure. Mesozoic salt basins with associated fields and discoveries extend across this area to the present-day onshore.

The Congo MegaSurveyPlus dataset promises full broadband prestack depth migration quality, following reprocessing of field data for nine legacy 3D surveys, acquired from 1989 to 2009.

More Details with Modern Processing Sequences

Advances in processing and imaging techniques, combined with increased compute power, mean that we can extract more details from existing seismic data. The rejuvenation of conventional and newer GeoStreamer data can provide broader bandwidth, improved velocity models, and more reliable and detailed images of both post-salt and pre-salt sequences.


  • Phase 1: over 1 500 sq. km including open blocks Marine XXV and Marine XXVI (formerly Marine IV)
    final deliverables available in Q3 2018
  • Phase 2: over 3 500 sq. km including the remaining open blocks 
    final deliverables available in Q1 2019

Prestack depth migrated products available for licensing will include Kirchhoff full and angle stacks, RTM stacks, raw beam stacks, offset gathers and nav-seis merged field data.

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