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PGS Adds 40 000 sq. km Europe and Australia MultiClient Coverage from Dolphin Data Library

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PGS has added approximately 40 000 sq. km of modern, conventional 3D and 6 000 km of 2D seismic data to its MultiClient library for Europe and Australia, following the previously announced joint purchase of the Dolphin seismic library.

In Europe, the new data means additional coverage in the Barents Sea and North Sea. Farthest north 13 000 sq. km of 3D seismic plus a grid of 2D lines is added in the Barents Sea, targeting the Hoop south, Gohta, Gulspurv, Hammerfest, Maud and Ringvassøy areas. This significantly increases our conventional 3D coverage in the Barents Sea and raises the PGS data library total for this area to around 35 000 sq. km.

Meanwhile, in the North Sea 7 000 sq. km is added in the Møre Tampen and Utstord areas. A further 3 700 sq. km is located in the Central North Sea.

On the North West shelf of Australia PGS can now offer 15 000 sq. km of modern 3D MultiClient seismic data in the Carnarvon Basin, bringing our total coverage in this area to approximately 65 000 sq. km.

This 3D and 2D datasets are now available for viewing and licensing.

In September, PGS and TGS announced a joint agreement to purchase a majority of the MultiClient library of Dolphin UK Ltd ("Dolphin"). The data was gathered between 2012 and June 2016.

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