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PGS Releases Data for Uruguay Farm-in Opportunities

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PGS has MultiClient 2D and 3D data and QI products to support evaluation of farm-in opportunities.

Production sharing contracts are expected to be signed imminently on all seven offshore exploration blocks secured by operators following the Open Uruguay Round in May 2023.

Farm-in opportunities for those blocks are available for evaluation by potential partners, with renewed interest following recent successes offshore Namibia. 

The PGS data library for Uruguay comprises over 15 600 sq. km of 3D seismic data and 11 500 km of 2D data. This seismic data has been used to generate quantitative interpretation products that further identify and derisk exploration targets. These QI products are available with our MultiClient data bundle. 

The GeoStreamer Uruguay dataset is well positioned to provide further insights into this underexplored region, which has significant prospectivity potential.

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The under-explored Punta del Este and Pelotas basins in Uruguay exhibit many of the same petroleum system features as the discoveries in Namibia. Recent discoveries offshore Namibia have invigorated exploration interest.

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