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PGS Peru MegaSurvey | First Seismic Data Now Available

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First data is now available on our Peru MegaSurvey. This large-scale merged and matched seismic dataset, including 2D and 3D data, provides E&P companies interested in South America with an excellent opportunity to evaluate prospectivity on a regional basis.

Targeting the extensive coastline of Peru, this PGS MegaSurvey comprises 21 000 sq. km of 3D seismic matched and merged together with approximately 23 000 km of 2D data. A time-processed dataset is now available.

Depth processing is ongoing using a seismic-horizon-constrained velocity model through five different basins, from the prolific Talara Basin in the north to the frontier basins in the extreme south.


Releasing Regional Understanding

MegaSurveys are very large, merged, post-stack datasets consisting of multiple surveys that have been rebinned to a common grid and then matched to produce a phase-balanced and uniformly scaled contiguous regional volume.

Their regional nature permits fuller exploration of tectonic and basin developments, leading to a greater understanding of existing and potential petroleum systems.

The PGS Peru MegaSurvey covers both existing discoveries and licensing opportunities in open blocks, revealing analogs of existing interests. It can be used to pick prospects or to evaluate the successes and failures so far across the entire region. Field-scale geological understanding can now be placed in a basin-wide context.

Peru | Geology and Prospectivity

The Peruvian continental margin is characterized by the Peru-Chile trench, where the Nazca Plate converges obliquely and subducts beneath the South American Plate. This margin is a classic accretionary prism, comprising a series of Mesozoic - Cenozoic fore-arc basins that form the continental slope.

These basins are separated by rotated basement highs, generated by strike-slip faulting. Intermittent reactivation of these basement faults caused the extension and inversion of several offshore basins during the Cenozoic.

The diverse regional geology provides a range of structural and stratigraphic traps with reservoir intervals spanning Paleozoic - Tertiary. Mature basins with producing fields to the north and underexplored frontier basins to the south provide the perfect exploration environment with many exciting opportunities.

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Contact to view the merged time data from the PGS Peru MegaSurvey. Additional depth and well products will be available from 2021.

First merged data now available
First merged data now available on PGS Peru MegaSurvey

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