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PGS Releases Final Data from GeoStreamer X Viking Graben 2019

wave imagewave image
Full integrity PSDM data from PGS’ GeoStreamer X Viking Graben 2019 program in the Lille Prinsen area is now available. The data delivers an impressive uplift in subsurface resolution. 

The highly prolific Viking Graben has seen spectacular exploration successes over several decades. This is an area with multiple proven and partially stacked plays covering Eocene Grid sands to Zechstein carbonates and fractured/weathered basement.

The richness of exploration targets is revealed in astonishing detail by the new GeoStreamer X data. Multi-azimuth illumination and broadband processing have addressed the multiple subsurface imaging challenges that beset this area. These range from shallow subsurface channels and glacial features, Tertiary low-velocity anomalies and high-velocity sand injectites (V-brights), to multiple contaminations in the polygonal faulted Paleogene and below the high impedance rugose Chalk.

“The 2019 GeoStreamer X Viking Graben survey has delivered impressive subsurface resolution of the Lille Prinsen area in an equally impressive time frame, and we look forward to sharing the data with clients. This is the first step in our multi-azimuth upgrade of the Viking Graben area. Fast-track data from the 2020 GeoStreamer X over Balder/Ringhorne will be ready this month,” says Ruben Janssen, Business Development Europe at PGS.

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Full MAZ section of final PSDM data from GeoStreamer X Viking Graben 2019

The full MAZ stack of the final PSDM processing shows a greatly improved illumination in the Paleocene, Jurassic and older sections. 


Full MAZ section of final PSDM with partial velocity overlay

A full MAZ stack seismic section of the final PSDM processing with a partial velocity overlay, showing detailed polygonal faulting in the Paleocene section and significantly improved reflection continuity at all levels. PGS data: GeoStreamer X Viking Graben 2019


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