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PGS Releases Final Full Stack GeoStreamer X Norwegian Sea

wave imagewave image

Norway’s Halten and Dønna Terrace is revealed in unprecedented multi-azimuth detail by PGS’ final GeoStreamer X Norwegian Sea data. 

Stunning full stack depth imaging is now available for the first 7000 sq. km tranche of GeoStreamer X Norwegian Sea, over of the Halten / Donna Terrace.

The final accurate subsurface images provided by GeoStreamer X Norwegian Sea reveal structure and stratigraphy in unprecedented detail in both shallow and deep settings.

“The detail on our final GeoStreamer X data is so sharp, it makes our interpreters' fingers itch. It’s a new level of understanding the traps and plays, allowing your team to reassess new and missed exploration opportunities and volumetrics on the Halten-Dønna Terrace, ” says Sónia Pereira, VP of Data Sales Europe at PGS.

Pioneering solution

GeoStreamer X is an efficient approach to multi-azimuth illumination that is enabling new insights for exploration of potential along the Norwegian Continental Shelf. MAZ data can radically improve illumination of subsurface challenges. GeoStreamer X delivers improved data faster and with lower environmental impact than alternative technologies by imaging new broadband acquisition together with reprocessed library coverage.

GeoStreamer 2016
GeoStreamer X 2022

Structural definition improvement is clearly demonstrated over the Natalia discovery.  Slide the bar to compare single azimuth GeoStreamer data from 2016 and GeoStreamer X final data.  See how fault imaging is enhanced by additional azimuthal content and augmented signal/noise ratio. Better data allows geological interpretation to be refined.  

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