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Sverre Brandsberg Dahl awarded the Norwegian Geophysicist Prize

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Sverre Brandsberg Dahl, Chief Geophysicist in PGS, has been awarded the Norwegian Geophysicist Prize by the Norwegian Petroleum Association.

The announcement was made during the biannual NPF Geophysical Seminar in Oslo. The prize was awarded on the second day of the seminar, by jury chairperson Terje Dahl. 

Sverre Brandsberg-Dahl received an MSc in geophysics in 1998 from the Norwegian University of Science where he studied under Bjørn Ursin. Then, following internships in Amoco and subsequently BP, in Norway and the USA, he entered the Colorado School of Mines as a PhD candidate in geophysics at the Center for Wave Phenomena, under Martijn de Hoop. Upon graduation in 2001, he was employed by BP Upstream Technology Group, Houston, working on milestone projects such as the first permanent reservoir monitoring (PRM) project over Valhall and on the wide azimuth towed streamer project BP WATS. 

Sverre joined PGS in 2007, in the research and development organization G&E, as a section manager, advancing to the rank of Chief Geophysicist Imaging in 2013. In PGS, he has overseen key developments such as FWI, SWIM, RTM, and ISIC. 

“It is a true honor to receive this award, I am humbled,” said Sverre Brandsberg Dahl, “I am always proud to represent Norwegian geophysics which has brought advanced technology, innovation and ingenuity to this field.”

Sverre offered particular thanks to the key sources of inspiration in his career to date, including Bjørn Ursin and Lasse Amundsen at NTNU, Martijn de Hoop  and Norman Bleistein at Colorado School of Mines, and Greg Belkin at the University of Colorado, Olav Barkved and Per Gunnar Bolstad at Amoco / BP. 

He exhorted the geophysics community to sponsor internships even during the downtime, for the opportunity they provide to shape individuals in the early stage of their careers, and he reminded us that companies can benefit from their fresh thoughts.

Jury and History of the Prize

This year’s jury consisted of Gunhild Myhr (PGS), Terje Dahl (Statoil), Martin Landrø (NTNU) and Trond Skjerven (Sclumberger). 

The prize consists of a chunk of Norwegian anorthosite (a phaneritic, intrusive igneous rock of enormous geological interest), a diploma and a cash prize of NOK 20 000.

Sverre Brandsberg Dahl could not be present in person to receive the award, however he forwarded an acceptance speech by video.

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