Creating The Premier Energy Data Company

PGS and TGS have merged to form a pioneering data and services company in the energy sector, serving customers across the energy value chain and positioning itself as a strategic partner for energy companies. Explore our vision. 

Talk to the New Energy Team

The energy transition is inevitable, says Berit Osnes. The world has to do this, and we intend to be part of it. PGS will be a leading provider of subsurface data to enable the energy transition.

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Berit Osnes | Let's talk!

Berit Osnes is Executive Vice President, New Energy. Berit has served in various management roles since joining PGS in 2006, mostly in the MultiClient domain. She has also been a member of the PGS Board of Directors (2015 and 2016). Before joining PGS, she held technical and commercial positions with seismic companies Geoteam AS and Veritas DGC and spent 11 years with the oil and gas arm of Norsk Hydro working in field development, exploration and geophysical operations. Berit holds an MSc Geoscience from the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU).

"PGS is already providing services in some of these domains, but this is not just about who we are today, the energy industry needs to assemble a new value chain, and it needs more momentum to make it happen. PGS wants to be part of that. We have the people and the knowledge to transform and deliver a new set of data, or data for new applications."

Artem Lytkin | Let's talk!

Artem Lytkin is Vice President of Business Development at PGS New Energy. He brings over 20 years of industry experience internationally. Prior to joining PGS Artem led Aker Solutions’ regional subsea services business in Norway and Asia Pacific and headed corporate research, innovation, and technology investments. At Schlumberger, he was country operations manager for Denmark and the Netherlands, he also worked with M&A and international business development. Artem holds an MSc in Physics from Novosibirsk State University.

“We have spent a good part of the past two decades shaping the energy industry," states Artem. "We have never had a greater purpose to do so than now. We know how capital markets work; we know how to assemble profitable value chains that attract capital and grow rapidly. Now we also need to learn, work together, and devise new solutions. The shift to sustainable energy is a great opportunity for all of us.”

Allan McKay | Let's talk!

Allan McKay is Chief Geophysicist for PGS New Energy. Previously, Allan led the PGS 4D technology and business development team, he has managed our Geophysical Survey Modeling group, and was the chief geophysicist for our towed-streamer EM venture. He brings broad industry and geophysical expertise and a track record in developing and enabling multi-physics solutions to understand and extract value from the subsurface. Allan has 15 years of experience in technical and business development roles in PGS. He has a PhD in Geophysics from the University of Edinburgh.

“PGS and society at large face a challenge. We know that, over time, we need to transition to a new mix of products, services, and energy sources – what we don’t yet know is how? Urgency and momentum will be required, and effective collaboration to work out HOW we can achieve our vision. My role is to cut across disciplines, to get people together. No single person or company has all the answers. We need to make real collaboration happen and recognize that collaboration is not always easy. Partners may need to give up something in order to truly understand how to work together. I wake up every morning ready to face many questions I can’t answer yet. It’s almost like being a researcher again.”