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GeoStreamer PURE

Norwegian Sea

wave imagewave image

More potential is waiting to be discovered in several prolific fairways. GeoStreamer PURE Norwegian Sea provides the most compelling and comprehensive dataset available for offshore mid-Norway. The subsurface imaging benefits from the superior structural resolution and stratigraphical definition provided by GeoStreamer.

  • Explore the regional structure, identify structural and stratigraphic leads and mature to prospects
  • Excellent PSDM with continuous velocity models
  • Over 42 000 sq. km of GeoStreamer 3D data reveals the geology from the Nordland Ridge to the Froan Basin in the south.



This extensive GeoStreamer dataset offers unique insight into the underlying structure and geology of the Norwegian Sea. The main petroleum systems comprise Jurassic source rocks charging Jurassic fluvial-deltaic to shallow marine sandstones and Cretaceous deep water clastic reservoirs in structural-stratigraphic traps sealed by intra-Jurassic and Cretaceous mudstones. Important recent industry milestones in this area comprise discoveries such as Linerle and Bue, and new field developments e.g. Åsta Hansteen, Hades-Iris, and Fenja.


The PURE footprint increases with the inclusion of new surveys and our bespoke workflow for GeoStreamer data addresses the many imaging challenges associated with the varied geological settings in the Norwegian Sea. The dataset consists of recent acquisition projects offshore Norway, and will be extended with the new Trøndelag 19M02 and Draugen 19M03 surveys.

Complete wavefield imaging (CWI) has facilitated subsurface interpretation and structural delineation, with a combination of full waveform inversion (FWI) and separated wavefield imaging (SWIM) for quality control, plus TTI velocity model building and final TTI Kirchhoff depth migration.

Data processing focuses especially on improved imaging of structurally complex Early to Middle Jurassic sections and enhanced lateral reflection continuity and the resolution of Cretaceous deep water sediments below a complex overburden, which locally includes ooze bodies and mass transport deposits.

Arbitrary line through the northern part of the Norwegian Sea PURE data set from the Sklinna Ridge to the left across the Halten and Dønna Terrace over to the Nordland Ridge/Grønøy High on the right. The line crosses some of the recent discoveries such as Hades/Idris, Orn and Linnerle.