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PGS Live | Carbon Storage

Carbon Storage

Identify, Characterize & Monitor

PGS Live


Our panel of experts will be on hand at this live event to answer your questions about our CO2 storage services. Find out how we can help plan, develop and operate carbon storage sites efficiently and safely. 


PGS has been supporting CCS projects for a number of years and in 2022 will acquire geophysical data for two of the largest CO2 storage projects in the world. Existing library products provide fast access to data to evaluate potential carbon storage areas, and expertise in seismic processing sets benchmarks for future CO2 monitoring projects. 

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05 mins | Welcome | with Christine Roche

10 mins | PGS - The Leading Partner for Carbon Storage Services | with Berit Osnes

10 mins | Locate Storage Sites, Appraise Capacity, Ensure Containment | with Noémie Pernin 

25 mins | Ask the experts - We answer your questions | with Berit Osnes, Noémie Pernin, and Allan McKay

05 mins | Conclusions | with Christine Roche

Meet the Presenters