Creating The Premier Energy Data Company

PGS and TGS have merged to form a pioneering data and services company in the energy sector, serving customers across the energy value chain and positioning itself as a strategic partner for energy companies. Explore our vision. 

Digital transformation

Industrial development is at Industry 4.0 – digitalization and the internet of things. Everything is connected, making smart solutions, and system interactivity possible. In order to stay relevant and continue to meet the needs of our customers, employees, investors, and other stakeholders, PGS must transform and prepare for a digital future.

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In 2019, we established a digital transformation team that supports our businesses in developing digital strategies and reaching the business goals underpinning those strategies. Technology will be an enabling factor to redefine how our teams work and leverage our integrated services, how we communicate and collaborate with our employees, our suppliers and our customers.

Google Cloud was selected as our foundation platform for developing next-generation interface solutions. By harnessing Google’s cloud-based technologies and incorporating artificial intelligence and machine learning capabilities into workflows, PGS will increase flexibility, scalability, and deliver more reliable data faster to customers. Changing our working culture is a fundamental step. Together with Google, we have initiated a Culture Champion Jumpstart Program. We believe this journey of exploration and discovery will increase teamwork and innovation, ensuring we are well-positioned to gain new insights, and leverage new commercial opportunities.

Our goal is to prepare and adapt PGS to an ever-changing digital landscape by evolving our corporate culture and motivating the entire company to embrace a digital mindset. These initiatives will build the competences of our people, rendering PGS more competitive. This will be essential to attract and keep the right talent in the future. Our customers will benefit from enhanced user experience and better collaboration, our owners will see better resource optimization and increased productivity. 

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