Digitalizing our HSEQ processes

Safety and reliability are core to our business. We work hard to ensure that our people return home, safe and well. Sustaining and improving HSEQ performance and culture will remain our priority. In 2019, we implemented new tools and modern systems that improve risk awareness and management, while minimizing bureaucracy.

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Streamlined digital HSEQ solution

As part of our drive to continuously improve and better suit PGS processes to future requirements, we implemented a new integrated HSEQ management system for our offshore operations called UniSea.

UniSea is specifically developed for organizations with offshore operations and onshore management. The platform holds all our governing documents and offers HSEQ reporting. It provides users with tailored dashboards offering easy, real-time access to their own documents and HSEQ statistics for their department or role.

New functionality eases and streamlines many of our activities onshore and offshore. One example being fully digital forms and checklists that can be completed and signed electronically using tablets or phones. This significantly reduces the use of paper and makes information sharing easier. Printing, scanning and physical storage of forms is also reduced.

Quality – project excellence

Using advanced digital tools to increase projectfocus within integrated teams was a clear goal for our organization last year, and we made great strides towards realizing this ambition. We launched a project excellence initiative, aimed at defining standard project execution models in PGS. Our goal was to better manage the commercial drivers in every phase of our projects, from contract bidding or MultiClient idea to delivery of the final image.

Following an extensive review of PGS’ strengths in project execution versus general project management, then tackling improvement areas, we worked on standardizing processes, improving project management skills, better defining project roles and increasing commercial focus.

This resulted in the formation of two detailed PGS Project Execution Models that are based on well-defined stages and decision gates. The models were implemented across PGS, through a comprehensive project management training program for all project owners and managers. A new PGS project portal captures and shares project-execution best practices in each phase of a project.

We are convinced that integrated project management facilitated by technology, from the start of planning to the final delivery of data to our clients, will result in more satisfied customers and improved profitability for PGS. We also expect that clearer roles for everyone involved in managing PGS projects will improve cost and risk management.