Copyright Statement

The following webinar presentation contains certain geophysical and geological information, interpretations and derivatives (the “Data”) that are considered PGS confidential information and subject to intellectual property laws.

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By continuing with this webinar viewing, you (the “Receiving Party”) agree and acknowledge that;

  1. the Data constitutes or incorporates valuable and highly confidential information, intellectual property, know-how and trade secrets of PGS that are not generally available, are subject to copyright protection, and are the sole property and proprietary information of PGS;
  2. title to the Data shall at all times remain with PGS and PGS does not grant you an express or implied licence to use the Data by allowing you to view the Data. If the Receiving Party requires any of the material presented in the webinar, for example to aid management decisions, provision of such material must be requested in writing and released at PGS’s sole discretion;
  3. in this webinar viewing, the Receiving Party and any other persons present for the webinar viewing shall not copy (via “screengrab”, “photography”, “video capture” or any other method) any of the Data being presented by PGS.