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Flexible source solutions for targeted survey applications.

wave imagewave image
  • Highly accurate steering of each source sub-array aids repeatability of 4D surveys for reservoir monitoring
  • Up to six sources can be deployed with the largest lateral separation in the industry (ca. 450 m in total for a dedicated source vessel, and ca. 350 m for a source + streamer vessel)
  • Enables highly efficient acquisition for high-resolution near-surface imaging
  • The eSeismic method (continuously emitted and recorded wavefields) uses individually triggered source elements with the lowest-possible source output levels to achieve unrivaled sampling of the emitted wavefields
  • Accurate monitoring of the source wavefields emitted at each shot location, complemented by source modeling within the Nucleus software package, validates the accuracy of each source event and enhances broadband seismic imaging

The signal sent into the earth can affect the quality of the result as much as the method of recording.

PGS source arrays use stiff sub-array floats with two RGPS positioning towers for accurate source positioning. Lateral source locations are controlled to within ±40 m, using a unique source-steering mechanism, and deployment of wide-tow multi-source configurations is also stable.

Source controllers allow each source element to be independently triggered and recorded by unique near-field hydrophones. The emitted source wavefields are precisely sampled and can be operated with extremely low sound levels in environmentally sensitive locations.

Multi-Source Solutions

Near-offset distribution becomes more uniform with wide-tow multi-source acquisition. The resolution and seismic image quality of shallow geology is correspondingly improved.

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