Ultra-high-resolution 3D imaging of the subsurface is achieved by sampling the seismic wavefield at a high spatial and temporal rate. This is perfect for planning offshore wind farms and exploring for marine minerals.

wave imagewave image
  • Unrivaled ultra-high-resolution 3D (UHR 3D) imaging for site characterization
  • Modular hardware can be installed on a variety of vessel platforms
  • Robust processing and imaging workflows
  • Proven solution with global experience since 2009

PGS offers UHR 3D seismic acquisition, imaging, and interpretation, building on the technology developed by NCS Subsea, the operator of the P-cable system.

Commercial surveying using this efficient seismic technology has been conducted globally since 2009. 

UHR 3D has applications from hydrocarbon exploration, appraisal, and 4D reservoir monitoring, to high-resolution mapping of the shallow subsurface for wind farm development.


  • Site surveys
  • Deep and shallow geohazards
  • Marine mineral and geology studies
  • Carbon storage (CCS)
  • Offshore wind farms
  • Offshore nuclear facilities
  • Reservoir monitoring (in highly congested areas)

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