Multisensor GeoStreamer is the ideal platform for broadband imaging.

wave imagewave image
  • Deep towing reduces weather impact and improves acquisition efficiency
  • Recorded signal is insensitive to variations in towing depth or local sea-surface variations, significantly reducing non-repeatable noise on reservoir monitoring projects
  • Pre-stack amplitude and phase are consistent in an angle-dependent and frequency-dependent manner
  • Rich low-frequency signal enhances Full Waveform Inversion (FWI) and improves the accuracy of subsurface property prediction
  • Multisensor wavefield separation enables better shallow illumination. Near-surface images unaffected by acquisition footprint effects can be used for standalone interpretation
  • Enhanced broadband resolution of stratigraphy assists the recovery of small time-shifts related to changes in reservoir saturation and pressure during reservoir monitoring projects

Accurate Characterization of the Subsurface

Broadband data acquired with GeoStreamer multisensor technology is perfect for high-fidelity reservoir monitoring and imaging at all target depths.

GeoStreamer uses both hydrophones and velocity sensors to remove all free-surface ghost reflections from marine seismic data. The streamer is towed deep, with a low-drag depth profile to minimize exposure to weather and surface noise. Data is rich in both low- and high-frequency signal, and ideal for high-fidelity reservoir monitoring, broadband imaging at all target depths, and the recovery of accurate geological properties during reservoir characterization.

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