PGS Invites Shareholder Input on ESG Issues

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The Board of Directors and the Nomination Committee will this year continue the process of actively pursuing a close dialog with our shareholders and investors on ESG issues.

PGS ASA (the “PGS” or the “Company”) continuously strives to improve its efforts on Environment, Social and Governance (ESG) Issues. Investors who wish to give feedback on either of these areas are invited to send their comments to Lars Ragnar van der Bijl Mysen by 28 February 2022, for consideration by the PGS Board of Directors and Nomination Committee.

We, therefore, invite any shareholder to comment upon or ask questions on any element of ESG management including the agenda and proxy card for our 2022 AGM, the content of our ESG review, our corporate governance structure and our principles for executive compensation.

To represent the Board of Directors and the Nomination Committee in this, we have elected Lars Ragnar van der Bijl Mysen, the Company's General Counsel, Secretary to the Board of Directors, and Secretary to the Nomination Committee. He will be able to answer any question relating to our work in these areas, and he is instructed to bring feedback to the Board of Directors and the Nomination Committee following this shareholder interaction.

The Board of Directors and the Nomination Committee will consider any investor feedback, but no assurances are given that comments will result in a change of policy or otherwise.

Find Out More

We encourage you to contact Mr. Mysen by 28 February 2022 if you would like to provide comments or have questions on these topics.
P.O.Box 251, Lilleaker
0216 Oslo, Norway
Phone: +47 900 77 595

We hope and trust that this initiative will give our shareholders further insight into and comfort with our serious efforts and work within these areas.

Contact Investor Relations

You are welcome to send us an email or call Bård Stenberg VP IR & Corporate Communications: +47 992 45 235