PGS Signs Agreement with HUB Ocean – Enhancing Operations and Advancing Ocean Science

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PGS and HUB Ocean have signed an agreement to harness industry ocean data to advance scientific understanding, mitigate negative impacts on the environment, and bring positive value to the scientific community and PGS operations.

The collaboration is based on HUB Ocean's Ocean Data Platform (ODP) and PGS' extensive ocean data contributions to facilitate scientific collaboration. Together, they will develop Use Cases and derive valuable insights to support the UN's Sustainable Development Goal 14 – Life below water.

First Use Case: Marine Biota Integration Offshore Brazil

The first defined Use Case focuses on integrating marine biota with additional oceanographic data from the waters off Brazil to better understand marine mammal distribution patterns along Brazil's coastline. PGS can use improved predictions of mammal presence to optimize seismic data acquisition, allowing them to avoid unplanned stoppages due to marine mammal observations.

“We are very proud to present our work in sharing data and our first use case at UN's Ocean Decade Conference in Barcelona in April. We hope to inspire other companies to get involved in sharing data to support SDG14. Contributing to the SDG 14 - Life below water, is one of PGS's six key SDG goals, which our offshore crew is very proud of. The ocean is our working environment and taking care of it is not only a priority, but our way to contribute to sustainable seas,“ said Sandy Spørck SVP of Sustainability and Quality at PGS.

Roles & Responsibilities

HUB Ocean will be key in identifying other relevant data from the same geographical areas to complement PGS-specific data.

HUB Ocean's core mission is to gather, combine, and standardize new and open data sources in compliance with the scientific F-A-I-R standards (Findable- Accessible- Interoperable and Reusable) on the Ocean Data Platform and actively involve the scientific community in use cases.

“HUB Ocean is delighted to partner with PGS, a progressive industry player that demonstrates transparency in its sector and commitment to ocean health. It is exciting to see what the combination of industrial and open data sources can do for science. We are bringing it all together at a scale the world hasn´t seen yet”, said Kimberly Mathisen, CEO in HUB Ocean

PGS will contribute specific datasets crucial to its operations, provide expert knowledge in relevant domains, and facilitate collaboration between the organizations' data and environmental experts.

The collaboration has three desired outcomes:

  • Identify and develop valuable use cases by demonstrating the significance of industry ocean data in advancing ocean science while providing tangible benefits to PGS and other industry partners through defined and agreed use cases.
  • Prove data sharing efficacy by validating that the HUB Ocean data partnership can enhance PGS internal efficiency and secure sharing of non-sensitive ocean data through a single, accessible distribution source for multiple relevant third parties.
  • Increasing global awareness through promoting results from the use cases.

CEO in HUB Ocean Kimberly Mathisen and SVP of Sustainability and Quality in PGS signed the agreement with the ambition of enhancing seismic operations and advancing ocean science.

The collaboration between PGS and HUB Ocean is based on HUB Ocean's Ocean Data Platform (ODP) and PGS' extensive ocean data contributions to facilitate scientific collaboration with the intention to develop Use Cases and derive valuable insights to support the UN's Sustainable Development Goal 14 – Life below water.

From left to right: Anna Silyakova – Science Lead HUB Ocean, Øyvind Eriksen – Chairman of the Board HUB Ocean, Johannes Berrum – Head of Growth & Energy Industry Lead HUB Ocean, Rune Olav Pedersen – President & CEO PGS, Sandy Spørck – SVP Sustainability & Quality PGS, and Kimberly Mathisen – CEO HUB Ocean.

For Details Contact

Bård Stenberg, VP IR & Corporate Communication, PGS 
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Vigdis Hvaal, Director of Communication, HUB Ocean
Tel: +47 952 00 932

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