Building a Data Library for the Future

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The PGS MultiClient data library contains advanced images of the subsurface that oil and gas companies use to explore for hydrocarbons. Better data enables more effective exploration and increases the chances of success.

The library focuses on areas of high prospectivity, where clients have good potential for accessing acreage. A range of commercial models for data licensing is available, designed to suit the exploration objectives and ambitions of any oil company.

GeoStreamer 3D Data - 44% 44
Other - 56% 56
GeoStreamer 2D Data - 60% 60
Other - 40% 40

PGS MultiClient 3D LibraryComprising almost 850 000 sq. km, of which approximately 44% is GeoStreamer 3D data. PGS MultiClient 2D Library Comprising approximately 670 000 line kilometers, of which over 60% is GeoStreamer 2D data.

PGS MultiClient Performance: Peer Group Comparison

PGS - 21% 21
Rest of Peer Group - 79% 79
PGS - 27% 27
Rest of Peer Group - 73% 73
PGS - 29% 29
Rest of Peer Group - 71% 71

*Peer group comprise WesternGeco, TGS, CGG, Spectrum and PGS