Sales & Imaging

The Sales & Imaging area markets and sells MultiClient data, proprietary Contract acquisition services and Imaging solutions.

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Sales & Imaging work closely with the New Ventures and Operations business areas in PGS to deliver competitive products and solutions that meet customers’ needs in a safe and efficient manner.

MultiClient Data Sales

MultiClient data is acquired, imaged, and owned by PGS and may be leased to many oil companies. PGS has a modern and diverse global MultiClient data library focused in areas of high oil and gas prospectivity. Accessing PGS’ data library enables customers to evaluate hydrocarbon potential in basins more rapidly, compared to acquiring and processing a seismic survey through a contract arrangement. The rapid access to high-quality seismic data enables oil companies to assess the subsurface risks before applying for acreage in licensing rounds, guide exploration efforts, or evaluate farm-in opportunities.

License rounds serve as important sales triggers for the PGS MultiClient library and guide long-term investment decisions for new 2D and 3D data. The geographical diversity and strategic positioning of PGS global MultiClient library enables the Company to benefit from license rounds around the globe.

By the end of 2019, the PGS MultiClient data library comprised several hundred individual 3D surveys with a combined size of approximately 900,000 square kilometers, 52% of which were acquired with multi-sensor GeoStreamer technology. PGS’ MultiClient 2D library comprised approximately 660,000 line kilometers, of which 62% were GeoStreamer data. In addition, the Company has more than 800,000 square kilometers of MegaSurvey, built by matching and merging of public and PGS-owned 3D data to produce large-scale geologically continuous regional 3D datasets.

Proprietary Contract Acquisition

Contract work is seismic data acquisition under exclusive contract with customers, where the oil company owns the acquired data. PGS meets the customers’ requirements for fast, efficient acquisition and cost-effective delivery of seismic data, through safe and environmentally sound operations.

Production seismic, or 4D, is the fastest growing part of the seismic Contract market, and informs oil company decisions on interventions on producing fields. Operational precision, data resolution and survey repeatability are essential, and are areas where PGS excels. There is a growing adoption of the methodology outside of the traditional areas of the North Sea, Brazil and Angola. 4D surveys are repeated at regular intervals during a producing field’s life-cycle, and those acquired with GeoStreamer multi-sensor technology are generally repeated with multi-sensor. GeoStreamer and other multi-sensor streamer solutions are the only technologies approved for 4D work by all major oil companies.

Imaging Services

PGS operates a network of imaging centers globally through which the Company images all new MultiClient data it acquires. In addition, PGS uses its state-of-the-art imaging technology to rejuvenate existing MultiClient library data. The Company’s external imaging activities supply highend, high-value services to a wide range of E&P companies. Imaging services comprise GeoStreamer-based imaging technology, reservoir characterization, 4D processing solutions, and advanced imaging of node data.