MultiClient Data in the Cloud | PGS Solis

Access and act on data in the cloud
Flexible subscription models
Data management as a service (DMaaS)

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In December 2020 PGS announced a strategic partnership with TGS and CGG to offer a single access point to all three companies’ MultiClient data libraries. It provides a shopping window for clients: after clients have identified a survey (or surveys) of interest, they are directed to each vendor’s environment for data visualization and further engagement. It also allows customers to find, visualize and download their subsurface assets and entitlements.

This partnership builds on and supports PGS own ongoing development of a Cloud enabled MultiClient data sales platform. During 2020 PGS digitalization team and sales organization have, in cooperation with Cognite, developed a PGS-specific Cloud based data platform attracting strong client interest. PGS expects to sign the first data management as a service agreement with customers in 2021 and start commercializing the project.

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