Join our presentations during this year's event to see how you can benefit from PGS seismic: Offshore Angola, Congo Marine XX and the Namibe Basin.

Seismic showcase 1:

Uncover pre- and postsalt prospectivity in Congo Marine XX and the Namibe Basin with PGS Access™ West Africa

Learn how PGS Access West Africa allows oil companies to compare play models and reservoir characteristics from conjugate margins and neighboring basins. PGS Access West Africa provides a harmonized sequence framework and geoscience study throughout the sub-Saharan margin using seismic and well data. 

We will review recently acquired MultiClient long-offset 3D GeoStreamer seismic showing undrilled presalt sections. These new datasets in Congo and Angola allow users to identify plays, delineate and map depositional facies, and quantify the reservoir and fluid properties of the reservoirs using prestack data.

Seismic showcase 2:

Derisking the frontier: Basin modeling in the Namibe Basin, Offshore Angola

We will discuss the results of a 1D basin modeling study in the undrilled Namibe Basin, built on 12 000 km of 2D GeoStreamer seismic. The study models burial and maturity of source rocks in the pre-salt succession and indicates a system favorable for both oil and gas explosion using average and above average heat flows.

Title                                                                                  Presenter                                                Date                Start              Duration       

Using the Access™ harmonized sequence framework to uncover pre- & postsalt prospectivity as seen in new 3D GeoStreamer® surveys in Congo Marine XX and the Namibe basin                                     

Matthew Tyrrell, Principal Geoscientist                                                                                                                                               

13 Sep 2016                                                                                                        14:00                                                                                       20 min    

De-risking the frontier: Basin modeling in the Namibe Basin, Offshore Angola   

Matthew Tyrrell, Principal Geoscientist          

14 Sep 2016 10:30 20 min  

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Location:  Houston, USA

Venue: The Westin Houston, Memorial City

Registration: Houston Geological Society

About the event: This annual conference, alternating between Houston and London, has established itself as the primary technical E & P conference on Africa with attendances in recent years exceeding 600, including industry operators, consultants, governments, and academia. There will be a large poster program in addition to the oral program of about 25 high-quality talks covering aspects of E & P in all regions of Africa.