Monday 28 November 

10:30 | Martin Widmaier

O2 – Acquisition & Processing 1: Combining wide-tow multi-sources with a non-uniform streamer configuration: A novel case study from the Sarawak Basin

11:42 | Cyrille Reiser

O1 – Prediction & Impact of Contaminants: CO2 subsurface storage site(s) assessment through an integrated geoscience workflow 

13:30 | Tad Choi 

P4 – Deepwater Exploration & SEA Petroleum Potential: Exploration potential of NW Borneo – latest regional MultiClient 3D opens new petroleum plays

Tuesday 29 November 

14:03 | Andrew Long 

O12 – Carbon – Evolving Geosciences for a Sustainable Future: Management and Mitigation of CO2 Emissions During Marine Seismic Surveys 

16:42 | Bertrand Caselitz

O15 – Future – Evolving Geosciences for a Sustainable Future: Advanced imaging workflow reveals new details in 3-D seismic exploration data for near surface applications 

17:06 | Cyrille Reiser 

O14- Quantitative Interpretation 2: Multi-azimuth reservoir properties estimation, a Norwegian case study

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Event Summary 

Event organizer: SEG

Dates: 1 - 3 November 

Location: Kuala Lumpur