Learn about how Complete Wavefield Imaging processing flows developed by PGS integrate advanced technology for high-resolution velocity model building and depth imaging using reflections, refractions and multiples.

Integrated technology allows PGS to focus on data quality from acquisition through to final subsurface images. We take a seamless approach, applying innovative imaging solutions to achieve all of your geophysical objectives, from large-scale exploration understanding to reservoir-focused imaging challenges.

We aim to provide the ultimate in optimized, interpretable datasets. Join our presentation!

Title Presenter Date Start Duration
Imaging for lithology and fluid prediction using the complete wavefield – Barents Sea examples Grunde Rønholt
Area Manager          
Imaging & Engineering     
01 Jun 2016   11:25 25 min

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Contact: imaging.info@pgs.com

Location: Tromsø, Norway

Venue: Clarion Hotel The Edge

About the conference: The Norwegian Petroleum Society (NPF) announce the International Arctic Geological Conference (IAGC) named "Arctic Exploration - Understanding the Barents Sea potential". 
Invited speakers from both the industry and academia will cover the main topics on the Arctic like; Resource Potential, Regional trends and onshore-offshore link as risk mitigation of Prospects, New plays, Petroleum Systems and New Technology in Exploration. In addition to the conference there will be diverse poster-sessions covering related subjects. A set of different geological field excursions in Troms and eastern Finnmark covering both recent and ancient geology will also be arranged pre/post the conference.