PGS looks forward to attending and presenting at this year's Australasian Exploration Geoscience Conference 2023. You can find the PGS team at booth number #103. 

PGS' Andrew Long will make three presentations at AEGC, on behalf of PGS technical experts. 

Øystein Korsmo | Nonlinear LS-RTM based on seismic scale separation and full wavefield multiparameter FWI

Cyrille Reiser | Integrated workflow for characterization of CO2 subsurface storage sites

Martin Widmaier | Cost-effective high-resolution marine streamer seismic acquisition and imaging solutions for new energy applications

Andrew will also participate in a panel discussion titled Diversity and Equity in Geoscience. The panel will comprise a range of experts from the industry and take place on Thursday 16 March. 

Event Summary 

Organizer: AEGC

Dates: 13 - 18 March 2023 

Location: Brisbane

Registration: Click here