PGS has a well-stocked data library in the Niger Delta, and considerable experience in this region. Our Nigeria MegaSurvey with over 72 000 sq. km of 3D data helps to map to the regional extent of the proven hydrocarbon systems.The Niger Delta, both offshore and onshore, is one of the most explored and prolific provinces offshore Africa thanks to its long and successful history of oil exploration.

The PGS MegaSurvey concept is fully supported and endorsed by the Department for Petroleum Resources (DPR) in Nigeria, along with the governments and ministries of Congo, Gabon, Angola and Benin. PGS MegaSurveys provide better regional understanding of play types, geology and cover existing discoveries.

Take advantage of our GeoStreamer® technology, and value adding products and services including stratigraphic harmonization, License Round support, advanced interpretations and more.

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Location: Abuja, Nigeria

Venue: Abuja International Conference Center

About the conference: CAPE VI will form the fulcrum of the APPA’s Programme of Action, where pertinent issues will be discussed to achieve the objectives of the Association.

CAPE VI is an opportunity for the operators in the hydrocarbon sector, both established and new to investment in Africa, to understand the political environment and the main issues by attending the Congress sessions, as well as meeting the African continents main political, economic and institutional decision makers.