Denmark sees CO2 storage as crucial for achieving negative emissions by 2050, along with becoming a European hub for the technology. While the storage methods are well-established, implementing them carries some remaining risks and uncertainties.

This conference will delve into these risks and uncertainties surrounding CO2 storage in Denmark, examining both offshore and onshore options. The discussions will address a broad range of issues, from data limitations and technological maturity to social acceptance.

Join the PGS team, including experts on Europe MultiClient and New Energy at the CCS Conference to discuss how PGS solutions alongside our extensive MultiClient library can help to increase confidence, reduce risk, and provide you with the clarity that is required for offshore CCS projects.

Join PGS Subsurface Manager, Nick Lee and DTU Geoscience Advisor, Birgitte Dalsgaard Larsen at 10:15 for their presentation 'Reducing Risks and Uncertainties on CO2 Storage Capacity'. They will be discussing the significant CO2 storage potential that has been mapped in Denmark, as well as the uncertainties that cloud the site identification and characterization.

To combat this, the proposed project focuses on mitigating these uncertainties by applying cutting-edge seismic reprocessing and data analysis for CO2 storage evaluation. This will improve understanding of storage capacity and de-risk future CO2 storage projects.

Event Summary 

Dates: 4 June 

Location: Rungstedgaard

Organizer: DTU Offshore 

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