EAGE ANNUAL Wednesday 5 June

Papers and presentations by PGS experts in the EAGE Technical Program

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8:55 - 9:20


Session: Seismic Acquisition - Geometries and Hardware I
Marine Vibrator Source: Modular System with Folded Oscillating Surface
Ø.Trætten* (PGS), M.D.C Oscarsson-Nagel (Geospectrum Technologies), W. Söllner, (PGS), B. Armstrong (Geospectrum Technologie), D. Nams (Geospectrum Technologies), P. Yeatman (Geospectrum Technologies)

9:20 - 9:45


Session: Seismic Acquisition - Geometries and Hardware I
Methodology Utilizing Continuous Source and Receiver Wavefields - Signal to Noise Ratio Considerations
S. Hegna*, T. Klüver, J. Lima

10:55 - 11:20


Session: Imaging Case Studies I
Novel Variable Streamer Length Acquisition Tailored to Full Waveform Inversion and High Resolution Imaging
S. Naumann*, M. Widmaier, G.  Rønholt

13:55 - 14:20


Session: Multiple Attenuation
Optimization of Filter Length in Least Squares Adaptive Subtraction Using a Model Selection Approach
M. Bekara*, T. Nguyen

14:20 - 14:45


Session: Imaging Case Studies II
Application of Iterative Least-Squares Migration in Different Geological Settings
Ø. Korsmo*, Z. Greplowski, S. Arasanipalai

15:30 - 15:55


Session: AI-Driven Interpolation
Parabolic Dictionary Learning: A Method for Seismic Data Reconstruction Beyond the Linearity Assumption
P. Turquais*, W. Söllner, M.W. Pedersen

15:55 - 16:20


Session: Multi-Component Seismic A / Simultaneous Sources A
A Robust Iterative Deblending Method for Simultaneous Source Acquisition
P. Terenghi*, L. Duan, M. Bekara, E. Hodges

16:20 - 16:45


Session: Key Seismic Innovation and Potential Game-Changing Developments
Continuous Wavefields Method – a New Marine Seismic Acquisition and Processing Approach
S. Hegna*, T. Klüver, J. Lima

16:45 - 17:10


Session: Salt Tectonics
Zechstein Salt Canopies, Jæren High, Norwegian North Sea – Triassic Subsalt Play Potential
E. Mueller*, Z. Greplowski, L. Stuberg