Marta Wierzchowska | 4D repeatability, Gullfaks Field

8 December | Session: Time Lapse Data - Acquisition & Processing | 17:00 - 18:00 (CET), 5th speaker. Quantifying 4D repeatability improvements with evolutionary acquisition on the Gullfaks Field, North Sea.

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Authors: Marta Wierzchowska, Darryl Anderson, Julien Oukili (PGS); Yulia Biryaltseva, Daniel Fischer, Emin Sadikhov, Ben King (Equinor). Click the image below for the abstract.

Marta Wierzchowski discusses how a modern multisensor streamer acquisition solution enables greater efficiency and high geometrical repeatability to optimize the 4D data quality at the Gullfaks field. The ability to tow deep streamers demonstrates higher signal-to-noise ratio and therefore lower NRMS and fNRMS value. That level of improvement impact fine details and reduces 4D noise, thus increasing the confidence in accurately mapping all the 4D effects. Availability of modern, high-quality seismic data enables more thorough 4D analysis. Employing up-to-date acquisition technologies, including broadband solutions, sets a path towards future high-resolution 4D seismic.

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